Want to play some old or new emulator games on your couch? Going to add them to the Steam and use big picture mode? Well, fear not! It is no longer a chore that ruins everyone’s mood. Introducing Steam ROM Manager!


Rich documentation

Everything you need to know is right there under your nose! It even has a cheeky FAQ for slow learners or lazy people.

Easy to setup and use

Choose your image

You can choose the image you like!

Verbose information about what your parser is doing

Parser not working or is working not as you intended it to? Test it to see what’s what!

Fuzzy (natural) title matching

Can’t seem to find images for your title, but they are certainly on supported websites? Could it be due to some missing or mistypes characters in your title? Fuzzy matching to the rescue! It will match closest title to the list of titles downloaded from SteamGridDB.

Other features

Special thanks